— An Art Book & Visual Experience, focusing on the origins of Islam in America.

Call For Artists & Writers

An online showcase & printed document of content related to the study & the artists encouraging all forms of media; essays, illustration, graphic design / digital art, 3d renders, poetry, motion graphics, video, music & artifacts including but not limited to the following subjects: the Moorish Science Temple of America, Noble Drew Ali, The Canaanites Temple, Abdul Hamid Suleiman, Muslim immigrants to America (pre-1930), early Sufi thought & movements in America, enslaved Muslims/Moslems, early converts to Islam (European, Asian, South American & American Moors), the Ahmadiyya movement, the Sufic Circle / Order of Sufis, Duse Mohamed Ali, Paschal Beverly Randolph, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Abdul Said Ahmed, Satti Majid & Alexander Russell Webb.

Send all art/offerings/inquiries to crescents@treeoflifes.be
Send all essays/inquiries to crescents.rit@treeoflifes.be